Onyx Group of companiesis an organization committed to its employees, customers, owners and community. We are result-oriented and customer focused company, committed to satisfy our stakeholders by providing productive environment through team work, culture and open communication methods. The key point that distinguishes our company from our competitors is the integrity of profit making and the related resource allocation practices by the management and its owners. Onyx Group is committed to a mutually beneficial business relationship with the community, creditors, vendors, suppliers, distributors and respected competitors. Onyx Group we believe in a win-win partnership that enhances the quality of the products and services while building trusting relationship that will lead to greater customer confidence and loyalty. We keep our employees committed; we delight our customers, satisfy our stakeholders and create a partnership environment with supplier and creditors who are glad to be our business associates.

Onyx Group’s unparalleled success is built on a solid foundation of principles and a unique set of attributes. As a multi-faceted entity, Onyx Group has the capability to utilize various divisions and resources from within to support and complement each other. Along with the dedicated focus on new opportunities in new markets, and the continuous enhancement of product, services and solutions, Onyx Group’s proposition has strengthened over the years, making their name synonymous with the highest quality standards across the world.

Onyx Group have an impressive years of partnership with its customers successfully. We are proud of our reputation gained a remarkable success built upon a strong and distinct set of values that run through all our business activities. Our company culture is based on the high quality standard, dedication, cost effectiveness, professionalism and continuous improvement. We measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction.

As an ISO certified company, we set our business goals on high quality standard and dedication towards our commitment to deliver excellent services to our customers for their satisfaction