Onyx believes firmly in providing excellent quality in all its products and services. As a reflection of our commitment with our esteemed customers, Onyx has put in place the internationally recognized ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System (QMS). At Onyx, we believe not only in providing the expected levels of service quality, but to rather exceed the expectations of our customers through the provisions of feedback and continuous improvement as embodied in the QMS. For achieving this objective, the top management is fully committed in providing the resources necessary and empowering the people to nurture a quality conscious environment in all business lines.

Our Quality Assurance department takes lead in spearheading the quality management at Onyx by ensuring that exact requirements and specifications are adhered to. We assert that for us, quality is an integrated aspect of our relationships with all our stakeholders –the employees, the investors and the customers; and under the umbrella or QMS, we are eager andenthusiastic to excel in our business through top-notch quality products and services.