Our success depends on our customers' trust on our products. Our commitment is to work for them to create quality and trust, together with excellent products, services and ideas.

Our Vision is to achieve market leadership in all our business lines through an unmatched combination of innovation and technological advancement, without compromising our core values of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide the 'BEST SOLUTIONS' in our range of products and services, and to be known as the brand, our customers can rely and trust on. With a mission to be the best, we constantly strive harder to remain ahead of the competition; and along the way our customers reap the benefits of the competitive edge that Onyx wants to develop to be the true market leader. We intent moving ahead with full co-operation of all our employees, who have been there at every juncture of our journey.

We view our role in terms of development, be it economic, social or human, coupled with a relentless commitment to add value to our customers and shareowners alike. In the final analysis, it is all about growth and growth is all about people.

We would like to thank our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, for their dedication and support. We are committed to improving the efficiencies in our operations and differentiating ourselves in the market-place through customer focused innovation in product and services, so as to build a stronger and sustainable future for our Company and our associates.

We believe that quality product and services at competitive prices is a winning formula. We continuously bring the latest and innovative products suitable for the different regions we serve. We offer our customers a range of established brands in each of our business divisions. We have also developed brands that maintain our business philosophy and give our customers wider range. We strive to be the first-choice in all our business domains.

We extend a warm welcome to all those who share our vision of a future where development is sustainable and is achieved. Join us together we can build the future of tomorrow.

I thank you for your visit to our site and look forward to engaging in a mutually beneficial business relationship with Onyx Group.